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Custom Reupholstery

Why not breathe new life into old favorites with a little fabric face lift. Often adding a little padding to existing cushions, followed by a fresh layer of fabulous, chic fabric makes all the design difference in the world. Get the designer look you want without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture. It’s not only a cost effective solution, but a growing trend in eco-design. The eco-friendly art of recycling and repurposing what you already own, love and enjoy

Is my furnishing worth reupholstering


Reupholstery isn't cheap - it's a labor-intensive process that requires lots of time from a highly skilled artisan using expensive new fillings, foams and fabrics. Invest in Reupholstery if you love a piece and finding the same shape and size may not possible. Reupholstery is also great for expensive well-made furniture that demands refreshing rather than replacement. Always reupholstery heirlooms to infuse them with comfort, durability and style that lasts a lifetime.

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